Let it cool completely then freeze until solid once frozen lift the frozen lasagna block from the casserole dish wrap it in more foil then freeze for up to a month to reheat a baked lasagna remove the lasagna from the freezer and unwrap all the layers of foil transfer to the original casserole dish cover and let it thaw in the fridge.

This zucchini lasagna with turkey meat sauce is a hearty yet healthy dish that rsquo s impressive enough for a weekend dinner with friends tender zucchini replaces traditional noodles and is layered with an easy to make but flavorful ground turkey meat sauce then blanketed with two different kinds of cheese for ultimate flavor.

Regarding lasagna pasta something is interesting about it various versions of opinion tell how the origin of the creation history of this lasagna the first opinion states that lasagna does not come from italy but ancient greece in greek lasagna means flatbread with a thin and unleavened layer.

Lavash is a thin type of middle eastern flatbread that is widely used in armenia iran and turkey not exclusive to one country but considered a regional specialty also consumed in kazakhstan and kyrgyzstan a basic dough with or without yeast is a common base for lavash but each country has a way of eating and serving it.

Piadina is an italian flatbread a no yeast soft dough made only with flour water and extra virgin olive oil or lard just few ingredients to make a delicious bread for all of your favourite sandwiches in italy it rsquo s also known as piadina romagnola for the name of the region where it rsquo s born romagna.

Place flatbread on a baking sheet and brush with remaining 1 2 tablespoon oil sprinkle with 1 1 2 cups mozzarella and top with shrimp mixture top with remaining mozzarella and bake until cheese.

Lavash flatbread pizzas lavash is a middle eastern flatbread usually found in the deli section of your supermarket or you can find it at trader joe rsquo s last week i posted my quick marinara sauce recipe which is the perfect sauce for these thin crust pizzas you can either cut the lavash into 4 squares before you add the sauce which will.

Now that you know some creative ways to use ricotta cheese you can do way more with it than just bake italian dishes although if you are making lasagna you cant go wrong by adding ricotta to it too and when youre stocking up on groceries for these recipes dont miss these 30 cheap costco buys that make the membership worth it.

It rsquo s an indisputable fact everyone loves lasagna whether it rsquo s loaded with meat and cheese plant based and made with fresh zucchini or cooked in an instant pot it rsquo s the ultimate comfort food but when it comes to side dishes what should you make to go with lasagna.

Plus a chicken and yogurt flatbread octopus with black garlic and a soup made of leftovers cross utilization has always been an important part of running professional kitchens and that rsquo s more the case than ever with labor shortages hellip.

How to make thick crust pizza if you prefer thick crust pizza you have a couple of options mdash do one or both for a thicker crust if you like the bottom thin and crispy i do roll out the pizza dough immediately after preparing it but roll it hellip.

Gozleme is a traditional savoury turkish flatbread or pastry filled with meat spinach feta and lots of herbs when i used to work in michigan there was a turkish bakery we used to go to often and this is one of my favorite things we used to get.

The eggs and flour are mixed into a stiff but pliable dough thats kneaded rested and then rolled mdash usually through a machine mdash and either cut into strips for noodles or left in sheets that are used to make lasagna or stuffed pastas like ravioli.

The hearty root vegetable holds so many possibilities it deserves to be much more than just a side dish it rsquo s time to make sweet potatoes the star of the dinner table they can be stuffed layered into casseroles blended into soups and so much more.