This homemade chicken shawarma is made in the oven and is so wonderfully flavorful the marinaded chicken is one that i rsquo ve perfected over the years of making this recipe for my family and trying to replicate the flavor from my favorite lebanese restaurants.

Made with lebanese bread or other thin flatbreads smeared with hummus topped with doner kebab meat lettuce tomato onion and sauces such as yogurt garlic and chilli sauce optional extras include cheese which i think is a blasphemy and tabbouleh in canada we serve this with donair doner sauce 2 3 cup of condensed milk 1 4 cup.

In march 1st 2019 the aip program due to its success has been extended for an additional period of two years until december 2021 and ircc intends to make the pilot a permanent program beyond 2021 the specific allocations for the atlantic immigration program according to the immigration targets disclosed on october 30th 2020 are a 6 000 newcomers hellip.

Immigration attorney profiles ndash colin singer managing partner is an experienced authority on all aspects of canadian immigration authorized by the government of canada ndash colin singer managing partner has been a licensed immigration lawyer in good standing with a canadian law society for over 30 years our team ndash our team of more than 25 licensed hellip.

More than 1000 doctors nurses and other healthcare professionals have died treating patients with covid 19 medscape wants to make sure they are not forgotten.