Lemon drop martini mixes are essentially a lemon sour mdash sweetened lemon juice in a convenient pour and shake package you can replicate that by making a fresh lemon sour at home replace the lime juice in a standard sour mix recipe with lemon juice.

How to make the best lemon drop martini cocktail how to rim the glass pour a thin layer of sugar onto a small plate take a lemon wedge and run it along the rim of the glass to moisten it then turn the glass upside down and dip the rim of the martini glass in the sugar at a 45 degree angle rotating until coated.

The key to the tastiest lemon drop martini is using freshly squeezed lemon juice and taking the time to make the homemade lemon sugar rim which makes it feel even fancier this cocktail is perfect for an at home happy hour girls rsquo night in or any other time you want to pour a celebratory drink ingredients.

Many lemon drop martini recipes call for triple sec but using cointreau in this one elevates this version to a new level of taste and sophistication cointreau the french classic orange flavored liqueur adds sweetness and a slight bitterness that helps balance some of the more sour components of the cocktail.

A lemon drop martini is a sweet and sour version of a vodka martini it rsquo s similarities to the classic martini end with the name the lemon drop is a classic alcoholic drink that makes the list of international bartender association rsquo s iba official cocktails.

The best lemon drop martini you rsquo ll ever have hellip one martini glass rub the edge of a martini glass with half a lemon then dip the rim of the glass in baker rsquo s sugar in a plate to rim the glass shake all ingredients together with ice in a martini shaker approximately 50 times pour into sugar rimmed glass and enjoy.

Some mislabel the lemon drop as a martini but its closest cocktail kin is actually the crusta a new orleans invention that dates to the 1850s and like the lemon drop is distinguished by its sugared rim it may be tempting to save time by skipping this important step but take the extra minute to coat the rim with sugar.