This easy crustless low carb quiche is light fluffy and absolutely delicious you only need 7 ingredients to whip up this recipe for the perfect breakfast brunch or week of meal prep most people think that quiche is a difficult time consuming dish to prepare.

I now love crustless quiche so much i also have recipes for spinach and broccoli versions with a simple combination of eggs tons of zucchini a little flour for texture and just enough cheese to add a punch of flavor this 6 ingredient crustless zucchini pie is a light and tasty breakfast snack or lunch dinner.

For a crustless mini quiche simply omit whisk together eggs and heavy cream or half and half until light and fluffy add salt pepper and cayenne pepper until well combined.

Step 5 place the quiche in the air fryer place your quiche dish in the air fryer at 325f 160c for 10 minutes this is the secret to cooking eggs in the air fryer you need a low temperature this is what will make them so light and fluffy.

Cheese and fresh herb quiche with herbs from the garden to use i created a quiche with basil parsley and dill along with feta swiss gruyere and mozzarella goat cheese is also yummy mdash sonya labbe west hollywood california.