Loaded mashed potato cakes prep time 10 minutes cook time 10 minutes total time 20 minutes servings 8 servings author holly nilsson these leftover mashed potato cakes make an amazing side dish or light dinner or lunch these are the perfect way to enjoy leftover potatoes and the flavor combinations are endless.

These loaded mashed potato cakes are your favorite twice baked potato in patty form and the best use of leftover mashed potatoes you know that meme about spaghetti ldquo i don rsquo t always make spaghetti but when i do i make enough to end starvation rdquo lol makes me laugh every time well i think the same thing applies to mashed potatoes.

In a large skillet over medium heat add enough oil to fill pan a third of the way up in a large bowl stir potatoes cheese egg chives hot sauce and salt until combined.

This loaded mashed potato bake casserole is the most delicious way to use up leftover mashed potatoes it rsquo s loaded with bacon cheese and sour cream thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays but with a gathering of just six people we rsquo re often stuck with quite a bit of thanksgiving recipes leftovers after the big meal especially when.

Fried mashed potato balls loaded with bacon cheese and onions are perfect for thanksgiving leftovers put those leftover potatoes to good use and fry up some cheesy mashed potato bites these loaded mashed potato balls make the ultimate appetizer or hellip.

Loaded mashed potato cakes this is just a basic recipe for leftover mashed potato cakes but what are some variations you could make here are a few favorites you can mix into our basic potato pancake batter pizza diced pepperoni minced garlic and mozzarella cheese ham and cheese diced ham shredded swiss or cheddar and diced onion.

Potato cakes recipe is the perfect use for leftover mashed potatoes baked mashed potato cakes have a buttery crispy crust with a hellip.

Loaded mashed potato cakes belly full diced celery black pepper mashed potatoes flour large egg and 10 more chorizo and chipotle potato cakes accidentalhappybaker com chorizo shredded cheese adobo sauce mashed potatoes chipotle pepper and 4 more.

Reserve 1 cup cheese 3 tablespoons bacon and 1 4 cup green onions for topping stir cream cheese remaining cheddar cheese bacon green onions and pepper into potatoes.

Fully loaded mashed potatoes recipe if there was ever a rich decadent and comforting side dish recipe that your whole family will devour these loaded mashed potatoes with bacon cheddar cheese butter sour cream and heavy cream is the one.

Potato cakes troubleshooting if you rsquo re using leftover mashed potatoes and you run into any of the following problems here are some tips to get you on the right track in the moment and some to keep you on the right track for next time my potato cakes are too wet if the mix is too wet it rsquo s probably because there was a fair amount of liquid or butter in hellip.

Loaded potato skins or stuffed potato skins are so easy to make with either leftover baked potatoes or especially made jacket potatoes some recipes scoop out all of the potato mash in the middle and just have the crunchy potato skins you can do that with these if you prefer but i love the gooey carby comfort of the cheesy mash filling.

This is how it all starts with loaded mashed potatoes i used red potatoes just about three pounds but you could use whatever potatoes you have on hand i mashed them together with bacon cream cheese butter cheese and green onions yep we rsquo re off to a great start next i topped it with mouthwatering byron rsquo s pork bbq.

This sweet potato casserole recipe is loaded with all that rsquo s good and it makes the best thanksgiving side dish it rsquo s a great way to spice up the more traditional sweet potato casserole and incorporate fresh homemade mashed sweet potatoes the sweet marshmallows and streusel are totally delicious i hope you enjoy it.

1 mashed potato cakes these are just like the ones grandma used to make turn your dinner side into a breakfast entree with this mashed potato cake recipe hearty and simple these cakes are the fuel your body and brain need to make it through the morning 2 leftover mashed potato muffins.

This thanksgiving take your sweet potatoes up a notch with this tasty recipe debi morgan creator of the southern food blog quiche my grits shared her loaded sweet potato casserole recipe with fox news ahead of the holiday what makes this recipe stand out is that it combines two of the most popular sweet potato casserole toppings marshmallows and pecan hellip.

Once mashed potatoes are ready cover with 2 3 of the shredded cheese next make 4 6 wells in the mashed potatoes for the eggs crack eggs into the wells and sprinkle with salt and pepper cover with remaining cheese.

Vegetarian baked sweet potato recipe loaded baked sweet potatoes are so quick and easy to make you can cook the potatoes in the microwave to make it quick or use this oven recipe for baking sweet potates a few of my other favorite sweet potato recipes are italian style stuffed sweet potatoes sloppy joe baked sweet potatoes and cheesy baked sweet potato hellip.

Loaded baked potato soup creamy dreamy mashed potatoes are added to a savory chicken broth base resulting in this cheesy potato soup we top this loaded potato soup with our favourite baked potato toppings including crispy bacon cheddar cheese sour cream and green onions the result is a deliciously rich potato soup that tastes just like.

Here are a few easy ideas to add flavor to your mashed potatoes loaded mashed potatoes add 1 1 2 cups cheddar cheese 1 cup chopped bacon sour cream instead of cream cheese and garnish with chives garlic parmesan mashed potatoes add in an extra 2 teaspoons garlic and 1 1 2 cups parmesan cheese.

Loaded stuffed potato pancakes when i make mashed potatoes i always cook extra so i can prepare these over the top potato pancakes fill them with sour cream ranch dressing melted cheese mdash or all three mdash jane whittaker pensacola florida.

Sweet potato i use one very large sweet potato in this recipe you can use smaller ones if thats all you can find and microwave them for a shorter time unsalted butter i love using creamy european butter but any butter will be great whole milk you can also use heavy cream or half and half.

Sweet potato leave it unpeeled for now you will peel it after its cooked how to make sweet potato patties its so easy scroll down to the recipe card for the detailed instructions here are the basic steps 1 your first step is to microwave a sweet potato cooking it in the microwave is easy and quick 2.

Roughly mash potato ndash add the parsley some salt and pepper then roughly mash emphasis here on the word roughly we don rsquo t want very smooth mashed potato here because then the inside of the fish cake becomes quite soft and baby food like we want some lumps for texture which creates a nice contrast to the soft flakes of fish.

Cakes crumble aux pommes raisins et graines recette minis crumbles aux raisins par milesi crumble de pommes bananes et raisins instructions to make crumble pommes raisins prechauffer le four a 220 degres preparer la pate a crumble en melangeant la farine le beurre ramolli la poudre damande et le sucre du bout des doigts.

Whats the difference between latkes and potato cakes while traditional latkes are made from shredded russets you pat potato cakes into thick patties using leftover mashed potatoes southern cakes fry better if you form them into thick rounds but latkes are thin delicate and crispy although completely different both fry nicely in a cast iron skillet ad and hellip.