Cilantro lime slaw ingredients to make this recipe you will need the following cilantro lime coleslaw ingredients coleslaw mix to make this recipe extra quick and easy i recommend just picking up a bag of coleslaw mix at the store or you rsquo re welcome to just shred some cabbage and carrots and make your own homemade coleslaw mix.

The mexican slaw is made with shredded cabbage but what i love about his recipe is how you can add all sorts of other crunchy veggies to the mix like grated radishes yummy jicama kohlrabi or carrots so pretty you get the idea clean out your fridge and if short on time yes store bought packaged slaw mix is totally fine fresh jalapeno or serranos and hellip.

The cilantro lime cabbage slaw is enough for 2 pounds of fish feel free to halve but i like to make big batch and keep the leftovers ndash and use on everything bowls sandwiches wraps side salad hellip during the week if your slaw tastes bland add more lime and salt.

The three things that makes this asian slaw anything but your usual boring salad are the fabulous asian dressing ndash i like to give this one a thai touch with a hit of lime and fish sauce optional fresh mint and coriander cilantro ndash the herbs makes all the difference in this that element of freshness and extra flavour.

Spicy creamy and healthy this shrimp taco recipe is ready in only 15 minutes and can be made year round either on the grill or pan seared in skillet topped with an easy cilantro lime slaw these tacos have great taste and texture i used store bought slaw but you can also serve shrimp tacos with pineapple salsa mango salsa or even peach salsa.

The best healthy coleslaw made with fresh purple cabbage carrots cilantro and a kick of heat from jalapeno there rsquo s no mayo or sugar just a naturally sweet and slightly tangy dressing with a hint of pure maple syrup.

The combination of avocado slaw marinated shrimp and garlic lime mayo makes for a seriously delicious taco serve em up with a margarita and extra hot sauce on the side i dont like cilantro.

Quick cabbage slaw this is perfect along side my slow cooker pernil recipe this is on regular rotation in my house or my picadillo recipe everyone loves this including my youngest daughter when she was a toddler i left out the red onion.

Preheat oven to 350 slice and peel the mangoes place mango flesh in a food processor or blender and puree for 10 20 seconds i like to leave some chunks in it combine mango puree sugar and egg in a small bowl and whisk until smooth add flour and baking soda and stir until just combined pour into a small baking dish 8 8 or comparable.

Red cabbage and carrot slaw recipe ndash tossed with an incredible apple cider vinaigrette this tangy slaw is light crunchy refreshing and serves perfectly as a side dish or even an appetizer cabbage slaw and homemade moonshine friends.

Easy fish tacos fish tacos are a favorite quick and easy weeknight meal choose cod tilapia or halibut quickly pan sear in a skillet and serve with a simply cabbage slaw 20 minutes start to finish.

This was a delicious recipe i used what i had on hand which was frozen prepared shrimp bottled lime juice minced jarred garlic and fresh cilantro the reaction of the oil lime juice and water from the shrimp made a creamy sauce and i served these as tacos with leftover cilantro lime rice.

Make the slaw in a medium sized bowl add all of the slaw dressing ingredients mix ingredients together until a creamy sauce has formed in a large bowl add the cabbage mixture and pour dressing over mix until everything is hellip.

Find how to make these creative and totally inspired taco recipes from chicken to al pastor to steak and shrimp your cinco de mayo party will be in full swing.

Making this congee recipe in the slow cooker not only allows for hands off cooking it infuses the coconut milk base with even more flavor suggested toppings include cilantro and sriracha but almost any savory element tastes great on top mdash roasted mushrooms a fried egg even avocado would all be equally at home here.