Marinated flank steak recipe flank and skirt steak are pretty tough cuts of meat so the marinade is essential the orange juice in the marinade not only adds a tang to the meat but the acid in it also helps to break down the tissue so you have a juicy and tender piece of steak.

Easy argentinian marinated flank steak with chimichurri sauce is bursting with bold savory flavors and just a hint of heat this quick seared steak is so tender and juicy it will melt in your mouth have a totally argentinian dinner party theme by pairing this incredible chimichurri flank steak with my mexican street corn chicken pasta salad or try my argentinian chimichurri chicken recipe hellip.

The finished steak pairs very nicely with a simple salad of avocado bitter greens pickled red onions and pumpkin seeds recipe 4 ingredient flank steak marinade serves 3 4.

Chuck steaks hanger skirt and flank will taste great after 20 minutes in the perfect steak marinade thanks soy sauce and balsamic but you can also lean toward leaving it in the bag longer to really seal in that flavor and make your steak as tender as you prefer up to 24 hours.